Frequently Asked Questions

How do you base your prices:

Our prices as a rule are half of new OEM. Sometimes very rare pieces are of more value, but in most cases our recycled parts are 50% to 90% off of new OEM.

Can we pull off our own parts?

Most of our parts are on the shelf, ready to go. Sometimes the part you need is still on the vehicle. In this case we will be glad to remove it for you. Our insurance does not allow non-employees to work on cars in our yard.

Are all parts reusable?

While 90% of the vehicles are reuseable, some parts, such as steering tie rods, brake pads, and water pumps, we do not recommend resuing. That is why we stock a full line of new aftermarket parts at our Winnipeg warehouse.

What is your warranty policy?

Approval for repairs or replacements must be approved by DAP prior to any work being performed.
We reserve the right to inspect any product prior to replacement.
Payment for labor requires approval by DAP prior to work being done.
The original invoice must accompany all returns.
Appropriate maintenance receipts required.
This warranty is not transferable.
The year and model of the vehicle or part printed on this invoice is within a range of interchangeability and may not necessarily be the exact model and year as the part or vehicle that has been provided.
Windshield and other glass breakage are not covered under this warranty.
Refer to the vehicle manufactuerer’s “Owner’s Manual” for correct operation and maintenance schedule.
This part may have accessories that are attached, and must be switched or removed to accomodate proper installation, which is the responsibility of the installer. Such accessories have been included to aid in the convenience of installation and are not covered by this warranty. Engine warranties are limited to defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers and oil pumps. All other parts that may be provided are “Accessories and Extra Parts”. No warranty is provided for any such parts thar are attached, including parts such as switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps, and manifolds.

This warranty does not cover freight costs or similar damages.
We are not responsible for injury or damages during, or as a result of, the installation of our product.
Timing belts, water pumps, thermostats, spark plugs, fluids and seals are routine maintenance items and should be replaces at the time of installation and at the vehicle manufatctuer’s recommended service intervals.
Proper operation of the cooling and electrical system must be checked during the installation of products that can be affected by those systems.
While most fluids have been drained from our products, it is your responsibility to completely drain and replace fluids, lubricants, antifreeze, and filters wiht replacements that are fresh, clean, and approved by the vehicle manufactuer.
Transmission: It is the responsibility of the installer to replace the radiator or transmission oil cooler, flush the transmission oil cooling lines, fill differential, adjust shifter mechanisms, replace filters, replace seals, replace pan gaskets and reset or replace computer codes when installing a transmission.
Engine: Claims related to the overheating and/or improper lubrications of the engine or its components are not covered by this warranty.
Other: Tie rod ends, ball joints, wheel bearings, and bushines related to steering and suspension components are not covered by out warranty and should be inspected and replaced as needed by the installer.

All warranties are Null and Void if:

The vehicle is used in a fleet, taxi, government, commercial vehicle, or limo service or has been converted from private passenger use to cmmercial or fleet use, or is used for racing or other competition or off-road recreational purposes.
The part is installed in an application for which the vehicle manufacturer did not intend it.
Failure is caused by abuse, misuse, or modifications.
Failure is caused by towing a trailer or other vehicle unless your vehicle is equipped for this purpose as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
The vehicle has been modified to plow snow, whether the snowplow is attached to the vehicle or not.
The part fails or becomes defective due to the vehicle being involved in a collision.
The installed heat tab center is melted or removed.
The part is sold “As Is” as indicated on the front of the invoice.
The vehicle is not serviced at proper intervals, or fuel/oil/coolant is not used in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
The engine oil and filter are not replaced and documented every 4,000 miles with appropriate OEM recommended motor oil. (Must be documented)
The transmission fluid and filter are not replaced at time of installation with OEM recommended transmission fluid. (Must be documented)
Failure is caused by or related to a collision, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, lighting, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, freezing, or flood.